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About the programme

Briefly about the programme

My life My choice aims at developing basic knowledge and skills in adolescents with mild intellectual disability in order to prevent them from using psychoactive substances.

The content that follows throughout the brochure pages provides insight into risky decisions, their negative consequences, the importance of emotion as well as methods of managing anger.

Advice is also given how to refuse drugs and where to seek help.

Materials for parents and guardians are part of the my life my choice programme, which is targeted on young people

The brochure subsequently focuses on the processes that take place during adolescence, illustrates how the teenager’s development can be supported and how to stop problems deteriorating and intervene.

Main topics in the brochure:

  • Growing up: changes to be prepared for
  • Why young people are likely to use drugs?
  • A teenager is noticed using drugs …
  • When to seek help?
  • Where to seek help?


The programme was developed by two specialists of the Beyond the box Foundation, who have been involved in designing and implementing prevention projects for children and adolescents for many years.